Video: Rudra Spa & Salon Mumbai Visual Tour



The last time we travelled to Mumbai, we visited Rudra Spa & Salon to try out their summer special spa treatments – the Citrus Splash body scrub and the Himalayan Deep Tissue Massage. We also gave our rating and honest feedback based on five factors – Ambiance, Cleanliness, Spa Facilities, Staff, and Value. (Read our full review here)

Rudra Spa & Salon is located in Kemps Boulevard in Mumbai, India. This day spa offers traditional Indian spa treatments and massages. They currently have four signature treatments the Rudra Purusha or “Power Therapy” Himalayan massage, the Rudra Anada full body massage, the Rudra Hot Stone therapy or ‘Eternal Union”, and the Himalayan Herbal Potli.

The Rudra Day Spa also offers a range of selection of Body Scrubs and Body wraps, each one using a mix of Indian herbs and spices. However, the spa’s Ayurveda spa treatments are must-tries especially when you are traveling to India. For instance, the Abhyangam is a rhythmic Indian massage and is a part of Rudra spa’s Ayurvedic collection. The Abhyangam includes a body scrub and warm bath after the massage.

Other treatments from the Ayurvedic collection include the Mukha lepanam- an ancient facial treatment; the Udwartanam- which eliminates excess fat; and the Shirodhara- an invigorating treatment for the mind and body, and is said to awaken the third eye.

There are a total of 8 spa rooms and treatment rooms. One particular room has the massage cum Shirodhara table – an ancient table used in Ayurvedic treatments where oil flows steadily from a pot unto a person’s forehead. This is said to open a person’s third eye.

A body scrub treatment at the Rudra Spa starts from Rs 2500 and massages start at Rs 3000, which we feel are good rates and money worth spent on relaxation and wellness. In this video, you’ll get to take a visual tour of the place, from the entry way to their spa treatment rooms and massage rooms.

For more information about Rudra Spa & Salon, click here.


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