Video: Kaya Kalp Spa at ITC Maratha Visual Tour

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Entrance


This month, we tried to get some genuine relaxation and pampering at the Kaya Kalp Spa, which is housed in the ITC Maratha Hotel in Mumbai.

Meet Philippe H. Charraudeau, VP & General Manager of ITC Maratha

Watch this video and take a visual tour of the Kaya Kalp Spa at the ITC Maratha hotel. In this video, we show you an actual glimpse of their lounge, treatment rooms, massage rooms, and every corner that we loved. Get a closer look at the intricate details of the interior design – inspired by the beautiful and luscious Pomegranate fruit. The video also features the Vice President & General Manager of ITC Maratha, Philippe H. Charraudeau, as he talks about the inspiration of the interior and the kind of spa treatments you can expect from the Kaya Kalp Spa.

This grand hotel spa in Maharashtra, India offers a range of traditional spa treatments, massages, and Ayurvedic Rituals.  The Exotic Pomegranate is a 120-minute treatment that includes full-body exfoliation of Pomegranate scrub, the signature Kaya Kalp massage, and the Indian Foot Massage.

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