10 Shenzhen Spa Massage List with Reviews & Address

Top budget spas in shenzhen china


Spas in Shenzhen cost a fraction of what they cost in Hong Kong, and also that they are built at industrial scale and a few of them offer unlimited treatments too but knowing which spa to go to in Shenzhen for a massage is critical.

We have done the background research and rounded up the top 5 budget spas in Shenzhen for you to indulge in a day of pampering and relaxation, perhaps you will end up staying overnight

Tip-off for Shenzhen Spa experience – Expect decent facilities, good massage treatment and excellent value for the moolahs you part with. Do not expect high service standards, cozy or luxurious service standards.

  1. Queen Spa Shenzhen

Queen Spa & Dining Shenzhen

Queen Spa is the biggest spa and a famous tourist spot in Shenzhen. It has nearly 800 massage rooms with different styles, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is spread in an area of 480,000 square feet! The masseurs are professionally trained and a large range of massages is on offer – Chinese, Hong Kong, Thai, aromatherapy to name a few. A big plus about Queens Spa is that have English speaking staff always on duty.

The entry fee of 98RMB is waived after 168RMB of spa services paid, not including the 10% service charge and tips of 10-30RMB.

Indicative prices of Queen Spa Shenzhen  –

Massage 90 minutes Additional 45 minutes
Chinese Style Massage 168 RMB 78 RMB
Thai Style Massage 188 RMB 88 RMB
Hong Kong Style Massage 188 RMB 88 RMB
Chinese Traditional Physician 188 RMB 88 RMB
Physical therapy 218 RMB 98 RMB
Sauna Only Entrance Fee 98 RMB 24 hours

Getting to Queen Spa: Receptions at Lo Wu Control Point and Huanggang Port Control Point, with special shuttle services. For more details, please call 0755-82158909.

Queen Spa Address : B1/F-5F, Golden Metropolis Bldg, Chunfeng Lu, Luohu

24-hours hotline:
0755-82253888 (Shenzhen)
00852-81010310 (Hong Kong)

Email: [email protected] 

2. Star of the Sea SPA Guild

Star of the Sea SPA Guild Spa Shenzhen

Star of the Guild Spa is one of the relatively new spas in Shenzhen and probably one that is lightest on the pocket too. The spa has created special areas called the “Sunshine zone” where there is always bright lighting that gives an impression of day time no matter when you go and there is another zone called an outdoor balcony zone where massage can be enjoyed in fresh air.

Indicative prices of Star of the Sea Spa –

Massage First hour Additional hour
Foot Massage 38 RMB/60 minutes 28 RMB/60 minutes
Aromatherapy Foot Massage 58 RMB/60 minutes 38 RMB/60 minutes
Plaza Foot Massage 58 RMB/70 minutes 38 RMB/60 minutes
Rose Foot Massage 58 RMB/70 minutes 38 RMB/60 minutes
Medicine Foot Massage 58 RMB/70 minutes 38 RMB/60 minutes

Getting to Star of the Sea Spa: From Lo Wo Port Control to Exit F at Grand Theater station

Address Star of the Sea Spa  : 5/F, Block ABC, Du Shi Ming Yuan, 3 Shucheng Rd, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Tel: 0755-89803333

3. Oriental Palm Spring International Spa Club

Oriental Palm Spring International Spa Club Shenzhen

Oriental Palm Spring International Spa or OPS as it is called, has one of the best restaurants. So if good chinese food after the massage your thing, this could be your top choice. Spacious setting, clean and professionally managed, Oriental Palm Spring is one of the favorites among Hong Kongers regularly hopping over to Shenzhen for spas.

Top recommendations for massage here is the Eastern hot stone massage. It combines aromatherapy, Chinese and Hong Kong style massages.

Indicative prices of Oriental Palm Spring Spa – 

Massage Price for 90 minutes
Chinese Style Massage 168 RMB
Thai Style Massage 188 RMB
Aromatherapy Massage 218 RMB
Hong Kong Style Massage 248 RMB
Chinese Medicine Massage 228 RMB
Eastern Hot Stone Massage 288 RMB
Aromatherapy Foot Massage 78 RMB

Getting to Oriental Palm Spring Spa : Walk 7 minutes at Exit D, Fumin Station, Shenzhen Metro Longhua Line

Address Oriental Palm Spring Spa  : 1F-3F Jinganghaoting Fuqiang Lu, Futian

Tel: 0755-82041888

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4. Water Cube Spa

Watercube Spa Shenzhen

Water Cube is supposed to be a cushier version of Queen Spa. Water Cube spa offers complimentary gym, fruit, drink menu and video games while karaoke and VIP room rentals, billiards, table tennis can be booked for small rental fees, if interested. There are total 500 massage rooms and well designed interiors.

Though most of the staff doesn’t speak English, the service is friendly and helpful.

Indicative prices of Water Cube Spa – 

Item Price / 90 mins Following hour
Sauna 98 RMB / 24 hours 98 RMB / 24 hours
Chinese Style Massage 158 RMB  79 RMB / 45 minutes
Thai Massage 178 RMB  89 RMB / 45 minutes
Hong Kong Style Massage 198 RMB  99 RMB / 45 minutes
Bali Massage 258 RMB  129 RMB / 45 minutes
Water Cube Massage 288 RMB  128 RMB / 45 minutes
Classic Thai Massage 298 RMB  138 RMB / 45 minutes

Getting to Water Cube Spa : After going out the Futian Port Control, turn right.

Address of Water Cube Spa : 1-6/F, Gangchenghuating Building,Yunong Village, Futian, Shenzhen

Tel:  0755-82978888


[email protected]

5. 678 International Club Spa

678 International Club Spa Shenzhen
The 678 International Club houses a spa, a chinese and a western restaurant, business centre, beauty, fitness and health care centres. Occupying an area of 20,000 square feet, there is a lot to experience at 678 International Club.

Indicative prices 678 International Club Spa – 

Item 90 minutes Following 45 minutes
Aromatherapy Foot Massage 68 RMB / 45 minutes 68 RMB / 45 minutes
Chinese Style Massage 138 RMB 68 RMB
Hong Kong Style Massage 168 RMB 80 RMB
Thai Massage 168 RMB 80 RMB
Korean Style Massage 258 RMB 129 RMB
Finland Style Massage 298 RMB 148 RMB

Getting to 678 International Club Spa: Exit E of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Station

Address of 678 International Club Spa  : No. 3037, Jinzhonghuan Commercial Mansion 2-4 F, Jintian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-8234 5678

Opening hours: 24 hours

More recommendations for Spas in Shenzhen –

6. The Evergreen Resort

Getting to The Evergreen Resort Spa: Ten minutes by taxi from Shekou Ferry Pier, 25 minutes from Huanggang, 45 minutes from Luohu

Qingqing St, Moonbay, Nanshan

(86-755) 2664-6988 / 2640-3988 / 6116-6117

7. Decleor Paradiso Spa (Vanke Paradiso)

Getting to the Decleor Paradiso Spa: Exit C, Civil Center Station

268 Furong Road, Futian District

(86-755) 8437-7832; FAX 8437-7623

8. Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Village

Getting to the Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Village: Approximately 60-90 minutes by taxi from either Shekou Ferry Pier or Luohu

87 Xinghu Rd, Bao’an district, Shenzhen

(86-755) 2776-0341

9. Liúlí Shíguāng (Fabulous facials for radiant skin)

Getting to Liúlí Shíguāng: take the Shekou or Luobao line to Dajuyuan station

G301 (Entire Floor), Diwang Building, Shennan Zhong Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-2583 9777

Opening hours: 09:30-22:30

10. Yù Zhǐ Huì (Healthy hands, nails and feet)

Getting to Yù Zhǐ Huì: Exit B of the Gouwu Gongyuan Station; located below Lili Marleen bar

Room B17 & B19 Underground Shopping Park, Mintian Lu & Futian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen 

Tel: 0755 8886 7082

Opening hours: 11:00-22:00


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