Synaesthesia Treatment at Lush spa – Deep nurturing on a Friday evening!

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After a long and hard week at work, I was in need of some nurturing and soothing me-time by the Friday evening. Leaving work an hour before my usual time, I made my way to Lyndhurst Terrace and checked myself in at the Lush Spa. I was booked for their signature Synaesthesia treatment which was described in their spa menu as the multi sensory massage lasting 80 minutes.

Dense and pure aroma has always been my weakness and I find it difficult to pass by some of my favourite skin care brands (including Lush) high street stores without popping in to check their new collection.

How is the ambience of Lush Spa Hong Kong?

Lush Spa Treatment Garden Central Hong Kong

The ambience of Lush Spa is quite different from its stores. While the stores have an abundant and brimming with merchandise style, the spa exudes a cozy, low key and decidedly British countryside vibe.

An open kitchen with fresh fruits and tea kettle placed at the centre of the table had a nurturing tempo. The soft ambient sounds of birds chirping in the evening time and a dimly lit kitchen gently tugged on my mind to travel to evening warmth of a loving home.

Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment Living Room Kitchen

The sprawling shower room well supplied by Lush products got me into a carefree mood and helped me wind down before the massage as I slipped into the fluffy, soft bathrobe after the shower and made my way for my massage room.

Lush Spa Treatment Shower Room Central Hong Kong

How is the Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment? 

After filling out the consultation form, my therapist presented me with different stones to choose from– each with a different emotion. I chose mind-cleanser and  achievement. The whole treatment was tailor-made around these two emotions – the oils, music, lighting and even the massage movements.

Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment

The 80 minutes Synaesthesia treatment is divided is divided into 4 times of day & I did doze off for a good 30 minutes in the massage (presumably that was the night phase). The massage strokes almost felt synchronized with the music. The pitch of the music, though on a higher side, surprisingly never felt jarring. I was given a head and a face massage at the end and I lay there for some time to sink into the positive and relaxed state of mind my mind had reached.

Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment Massage

I was given a cup of tea as I walked out and a bubble bar stone with the same secret essential oil blend that my therapist used in my massage to take home with me.

Is Synaesthesia the best treatment at Lush Spa?

I am yet to try The Good Hour, Comforter, Hard Days Night – all other highly rated treatments at Lush but I can confidently say that the tailor made Synaesthesia treatment got me into a deeply relaxed and positive state of mind at the end of it and the high lasted for a lot longer than just a couple of days.

The Synaesthesia treatment at Lush spa Hong Kong is priced at HK$ 2000 for an 80 minutes multi sensory massage.


G/F-4/F, Soho Square,
21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

P:  (852) 242303833


Preeti considers wellness to be a very important component of success and likes to make time for relaxing breaks, self care and spa travel.