Spa Tips to Get Most Out of Massage Therapy

Spa Tips to get most out of massage therapy


Did you know that the word ‘Spa’, which literally means health by water, is taken from the town of Spa in Belgium, which was one of the first places to recognize the healing properties of mineral rich water. However, the recognition of benefits of water and massage to improve health dates back to Hippocrates (c. 460-377 BC).

Here is a list of spa tips for before, during and after your spa treatments to help you extract most from this ancient therapeutic technique


Reach the Spa with a ten minutes buffer to be in an unhurried state of mind.

Resist the urge to check the phone as your phone as you wait for the treatment to start. If possible, turn your phone into silent or airplane mode.

If you carried your laptop or a heavy bag to the spa or had a sedentary day, do light stretching for 3-5 minutes before the massage

Take a warm water shower before the massage. It not only shows consideration for the masseur but the hot water also opens up your muscles.

Avoid excessive amount of alcohol, heavy meals or high caffeine intake a few hours before the massage. Being too full or too switched on makes it hard to relax and unwind.

If your treatment involves exfoliating services, try to avoid shaving for twelve hours before the treatment.


Inform your therapist of any concerns, allergy or other health issues before the service begins. Make it clear to your therapist what your expectations are, that is, areas that need attention, sensitivities, results you are trying to achieve, and so forth.

During your treatment, communicate with your therapist about massage pressure, room temperature, in-room music selection or none, excessive skin irritation, or anything that relates to your specific comfort zones and levels.

Tie your hair loosely. A tight bun would prevent you from relaxing fully.


Remember to drink plenty of water after a treatment involving massage, as toxins are released during the massage process, in addition to the increase in circulation.

If possible, avoid showering off nourishing oils, lotions, or skin treatment products immediately after a body or facial treatment, this will give the body more time to absorb them properly

Also avoid doing anything too strenuous right after the spa time. You may experience a slight dizziness if you do.

Feel free to discuss any issues related to service, product or future treatment recommendations. If you had a great massage, remember to note down the therapist’s name so that you can request for her when you book next.

Most spas offer massage packages that are much better value than a single session. If you feel comfortable with a particular spa, enquire about their package offers and try to schedule your next appointment before you leave the spa. This would ensure your next rejuvenation break is scheduled in your calendar before you step out.

Image : Spa at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, Johannesburg

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