Rudra Day Spa & Salon Mumbai – Review

rudra spa mumbai review

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I have to admit, the reason for choosing Rudra Day Spa & Salon was because of its convenient location near my house. I’ve been there before but they’ve since restructured the place to include a salon adjacent to the spa. In a way, this has cut down the space in their previously ample reception area and made it a bit confined.

My spa treatment for the day was their summer special scrub: Citrus Splash, a combination of sea salt, lemons and orange pulp, as well as a Himalayan Deep Tissue Massage.

The conundrum that arises is the order in which to take the two. Is it scrub first and then massage or vice versa? Well the spa’s consultant told me that the right way is to have a scrub first to exfoliate those pores and make them ready for the oils to follow in the massage.

But there are plenty of people who choose to have the massage first since they don’t want to get up and go shower off all the gritty salt after the scrub. Ah well, I thought I’d do it the right way and start with the Citrus Scrub.


Rudra Spa has about 8 spa rooms and an Ayurveda treatment room complete with authentic massage cum Shirodhara table (the one where the oil flows steadily from a pot onto your forehead’s third eye).

I got of out of my clothes in the small changing room and took a one minute steam in the mini-sauna – mainly because it was a tad too hot and I don’t know why spas do that – and got up on the massage bed of the room, which though well appointed is a bit small and not exactly sound proof.

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The Citrus Spa Scrub felt nice against my skin, which has been weather-beaten and clogged in the Mumbai heat and pollution. But strangely, the therapist – whose hands were firm and steady – didn’t know exactly what was in the scrub. And she avoided my pectoral area (chest), which she also omitted during my massage. Considering my physiotherapist says my chest is a bit tight and needs to be stretched, the lack of attention was not appreciated. The rest of the massage, done with almond oil, was quite good though.

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The thing about Rudra Spa is that it’s in a good location for the residents of the area on Warden Road, Altamount Road and Peddar Road. But being in the centre of a busy intersection has its downside: the rooms aren’t insulated and the noise from the traffic trickles in. This is especially bothersome when the room’s music stops, which it did, and I had to ask the therapist to turn the music back on.

Rudra Spa has packages for Weddings as well as Scrub + Massage combinations like Rudra Purusha and Rudra Anand. They also have a separate area for foot and head messages.

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For people living in the vicinity of Rudra Spa, it is the perfect place to have a massage after a hard week. The staff is friendly and helpful but the rooms probably need to be upgraded a tad and certainly soundproofed and curtained to block out the busy outside. A scrub starts from Rs 2500, massages begin at Rs 3000 and you can even have a body wrap of clay and almond if you like.

 If you’d like to check out the complete spa menu, click here.

Rudra Day Spa & Salon
1-3-5- Kwality House, Kemps Corner
Above Costa Coffee, Mumbai – 400036 Maharashtra
P:  +91-22 2387 2351/2363
E:  [email protected]


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