Reiki in Hong Kong – The Sanctuary Wellness Centre Review


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This was my first experience with Reiki. A close friend of mine has been a Reiki healer for many years and I have seen the holistic positive effects the practice of Reiki has had in her life. She now uses  the practice to heal others. I was excited when I got the chance to try Reiki in Hong Kong in the holistic wellness centre in Hong Kong.


I had my appointment at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary located on the 29th floor of Universal Trade Centre in Central, Hong Kong has a warm and calming vibe. It has five treatment rooms and a big workshop area, offers a wide range of wellness therapies and teaches self development techniques. The centre is co-run by the Phil Davies and Vinienne Tang.

The Sanctuary Central Room

After filling out a brief form, I was introduced to my Reiki master, Geeta. Geeta went to India with her family at the age of 13 to be at the OSHO Ashram, which is the home of the the great mystic spiritual leader, Osho. Trained in carniosacral therapy, meditation and Reiki, Geeta possesses great compassion for all individuals. Her compassion drives her to practice the healing art to help people restore their balance and connect to their inner joy and tranquility. She has the most calming and non-judgemental aura about her.


Reiki Geeta at The SanctuaryGeeta explained the concept of Reiki in a beautiful way. “Reiki is based on the universal healing technique of power of touch that we all unconsciously use. It is inherent, instinctive and innate. If you accidentally strike your knee against a corner, you instinctively grab the knee with your hands and start to massage or rub that area. You do the same for your child if she gets hurt. It is the healing energy of touch that we are transferring.”

She asked me to to remove any pieces of jewellery and to lie down on my back on the massage table. I did not have to change my clothes for the treatment. I was wearing jeans but I would recommend that you wear lose pyjamas or comfortable cottons when you go.

Geeta advised me to go with the flow, not to hold back any emotions or even sleep. As she started the treatment, I felt a gentle and warm tingling and could feel the calming fuzziness, receding of the general paranoia that had been enveloping me for the past few days.


I came out of session feeling centred and and much calmer than before. I felt much more at peace and the panic of rushing to tick mark the next chore on my endless laundry list left me. I became aware of my discretion to not get tangled in a situation but be able to see it more clearly from a distance. This feeling lasted (in receding intensity) for about three days for me.

I would recommend going for a package of 3 or more sessions to be able to get longer and more lasting benefits from the treatment.

If you do want to go for Reiki in Hong Kong, you will find in Geeta a very committed and balanced healer. The Sanctuary, located in the heart of Hong Kong, is a truly a sanctuary of wellness and self development with a very positive and calming vibe .

To learn more, visit or call them up at +852 2537 1373.

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The Sanctuary Hong Kong
29/F, UNIT 2905 Universal Trade Center
3-5A Arbuthnot Road Central Hong Kong
P:  +852 2537 1373







Preeti considers wellness to be a very important component of success and likes to make time for relaxing breaks, self care and spa travel.