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Quan Spa Hong Kong Review


On my way to Quan Spa Hong Kong (Quan translates to spring in Cantonese – as in spring water), I was struck by the natural beauty of the Hong Kong coastline as viewed from the express train to Asia World Expo (the hotel is a convenient 10-minute walk from the platform). How fitting that the theme of my day of pampering was to be water –  starting with a Vichy shower massage.

The walk to the Spa from the Express Train is indoors for the most part (save for a 10-metre path between the Expo and the entrance to the Hotel) and offer stunning views of the South China Sea.  The first thing that strikes you is how quiet the facilities are. Tastefully decorate in a pearl and wood motif and with a limited number of treatment rooms, there is little danger of overcrowding in this oasis of rejuvenation.  With its proximity to Hong Kong Airport, the spa does have a number of clients who are airline staff, and visit on a regular basis when they stopover in the city. 

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Lobby of Quan Spa Hong Kong

Massage and shower – together at last

My recurring lack of water pressure curse in Hong Kong made me perhaps a bit too eager to experience my first-ever shower massage.  I was far from disappointed with the Pacific Rainshower Ritual During the 90-minute treatment the therapist began by gently and rhythmically rinsing my body with warm Vichy water.  The shower heads were then strategically placed over my back as she proceeded to scrub my legs with a delicious detoxifying Thalgo scrub. In keeping with the spa’s emphasis on the rejuvenating properties of water, Thalgo products are marine-sourced and algae-based. I found them extremely gentle on my skin, and was impressed with their chemical-free, pleasant scent.  The therapist continued to systematically adjust the pattern and placement of the jets until my entire body had been scrubbed was followed by another round of methodical rinsing and the application of a soothing and intoxicating body oil, expertly massaged into my skin.

At the end of the treatment I was honestly in the deepest state of relaxation I have ever experienced. So much so, that the experience has left me spoiled for all future massages that do not incorporate shower heads. It’s going to feel like half a massage going forward without the added luxury of an invigorating waterfall of perfectly positioned jets. A word of warning ladies, this treatment will leave your locks a bit damp – and while your private pampering room will be equipped with a shower, shampoo, conditioner and a hair dryer I would recommend bringing along your own after-care hair products to counter the effects that Hong Kong humidity tends to have on your hair.

Showers Quan Spa Hong Kong

Shower heads were strategically placed over my back as the therapist proceeded with the detoxifying Thalgo scrub

Source Marine Facial

The next stop on my travels through this oasis of rejuvenation was to a private and relatively spacious treatment room for a Source Marine Facial in the good hands of therapist trained by certified Thalgo specialists.  Known for its detoxifying, remineralising, sebo-regulating and regenerating potential, the algae-based marine-sourced treatment products of Thalgo have a strong reputation for their natural rejuvenating properties.  As an added bonus, my therapist Jody was very skilled in facial massage techniques. Her expert hands provided the perfect balance of gentle but persuasive manipulation of my cheekbones and jawline, soothing any last vestiges of tension left unaddressed by my massage.  As with the Rainshower Ritual, the approach to the facial was decidedly methodological and precise.

While detractors of marine-based products point to the more lasting and radical impact of machine-based treatments, it seemed appropriate that for this type of product the therapists stuck to the tried and tested hand manipulation method. As for the lasting results, I was so pleased with my skin after the treatment that I did not wear any make-up at all for three days following my treatment. Such was the glow and ‘cleanness’ I felt after the treatment – the prospect of putting anything chemical on my skin was not appealing.

Writers, Ernest Hemingway famously said, can be compared to wells.  A good well, he reckoned, is comprised of good water, and the way to ensure good water is to take regular amounts, rather than pump the well dry and wait for it to refill.  I was reminded of this analogy as I refueled on the delicious Greek yogurt with honey and banana and warm tea served to me in the relaxation area of Quan after my treatments. Beyond writers, I would say that everyone should be more mindful of how much they are ‘taking from the well’ in their daily lives, and to make sure that they stop to replenish their reservoirs on a regular basis.

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Massage room Quan Spa Hong Kong

Swimming pool Quan Spa Hong Kong

Quan Spa extends the use of its 27-metre indoor swimming pool and gym facilities to all spa guests 

To book an appointment with Quan Spa, call them at +852 3969 2188. Check out all details of Quan Spa including their opening times and contact details in the listing


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