Pausing and refuelling at the Mandarin Oriental Spa Shanghai

Spa Madarin Oriental Shanghai


Proactive relaxation, finding time for activities that bring a sense of calm and balance and for what I truly enjoy does wonders to my mood and energy.

A few months after the disruptive move (like most moves I guess) from Hong Kong to Shanghai, I decided to dedicate a sad solely to rejuvenation and wellness. Banishing the entry of any to-do list in my mind, I curated a day-long wellness itinerary for myself at Mandarin Oriental Spa in Shanghai.

Mandarin Oriental is a quintessential blend of ancient, mystic and nurturing spirit of the East with the luxury and modernity of the future.

I have experienced MO spa in Hong Kong earlier and the feeling it left me with was just sublime. Personal touch, deep understanding of spa rituals, luxurious yet not intimidating facilities had made me centred and feel very well taken care of.

My wellness day started with an hour long private training session with the fitness coach. An advanced body scan revealed which body parts required more strengthening than the others and the posture imbalances that needed attention. It was a good reference to get a hold of current body state and refer back after 3-6 months of focused efforts.

Mandarin Oriental Spa

Later the coach guided me through circuit training to strengthen and tone different body parts. Passionately motivating me and explaining the importance of each set, I was energised and went through the full hour of training even though it had been more than couple of months that I was in regular workout mode.

We finished the session on the mat where the coach helped me achieve deep spinal and vertical stretches. I bid goodbye to the team at the gym and made my way to the spa lounge area where a refreshing smoothie awaited me. Idly browsing through a magazine and sipping my smoothie, I let myself soak in the feeling of nurturing and well being.

I spent some time in the thermal area, enjoying the jacuzzi and steam sections and about thirty minutes later was picked up by my therapist to proceed to Paro Suite. Mandarin Oriental Shanghai Spa takes inspiration from butterfly and its transformative abilities. All the rooms are named after butterfly in different languages. Paro is the Filipino name for butterfly.

Mandarin Oriental Spa Shanghai HongKong
Mandarin Oriental Spa Shanghai HongKong

For the massage, I had chosen the ninety minutes long Oriental Essence massage. This especially focuses on relieving tension in neck and shoulder. Designed to relax the body completely, the oil used is the quintessence blended one with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense – coming together to realign the mind and emotions. The massage took me into a peaceful stuporous state as my body left lighter and the thoughts in my head felt fewer and slower.

Mandarin Oriental Spa Shanghai HongKong

Post the massage, I headed to the relaxation room where I poured myself some tea and nibbled on nuts and freshly cut fruits. Still in a drowsy state after the relaxing massage, I just sipped on my tea and enjoyed the privileged state of mind where I did not run chasing one thought after another.

My Spa + Lunch package included lunch in the famous Chinese restaurant at the hotel Yong Yi Ting but as I was already way late than lunch time, I dined in the coffee shop where I ordered simple steamed fish and fresh juice.

Mandarin Oriental Spa Shanghai HongKong

Both were delicious.

My mind had slowed down as I left Mandarin Oriental. Less reactive and more in the moment. It is a great state of being and something I wish I can access more and more each day.


111 Pudong Road (S)

Pudong, Shanghai 200120


P: +86 (21) 2082 9888



Preeti considers wellness to be a very important component of success and likes to make time for relaxing breaks, self care and spa travel.