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I have always been apprehensive about facials. Growing up, I’ve had acne prone skin and my dermatologists have advised me to avoid facials. However, I’ve been clear for a few years now and I feel that I could try one without risking my skin erupting. I decided to put my apprehensions aside and treat myself to a much-needed facial to bring that glow back.

I say “much-needed”, because I’ve noticed that my skin has become dull and lifeless over the years. Perhaps due to the medicated creams and oral medicines that I have consumed in the past. When I compare my skin to my friends’, I notice a stark difference in liveliness of their skin vs mine.  I want to bring back life to my skin and appear healthy, glowing and as they often say in India, “prosperous”.

I selected the AMALA DELUXE REJUVENATING FIRMING FACIAL by Beyorg. This treatment uses a combination of 18 Amala products (all natural) that include rhassoul clay, an anti-oxidant booster, rejuvenating serum and eye creams along with a collagen mask. It’s the natural product range that gave me more confidence in indulging in this treatment.

Amala Product Range

The Amala Product Range

Before I started the treatment, I was required to fill out a form to help Beyorg understand my skin type better. The surprise for me here, was that I have always thought of my skin as oily. However, the therapist actually cross examined my skin and noted that it’s actually very dry. The lacklustre makes sense to me now.

I arrived at the Pacific Place branch and was amazed at the range of natural brands and products available. Beyorg offers this range for skin, hair, body, mom and baby care. The brands are from UK, France, Germany, Austria and Denmark. A mineral make-up line comes from Japan.

I was ushered into the treatment room that was much like a five-star hotel room with a mini cupboard, dressing table and very comfortable bed. I got changed and the therapist tucked me in rather nice and tight, preparing me for the upcoming pampering for 90 minutes.


Facial treatment Room

She got started right away. The first part of the treatment focuses on detoxifying and uses the products in unique combinations while performing the Amala Marma Point Technique over face and neck.    

Products used: Rejuvenating Essential Oil Blend, Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk. Rejuvenating Toner, Rejuvenating Treatment Oil

The second part of the treatment focuses on the clay mask and deep cleansing. The cleansing uses a combination of instruments that clean the skin of blackheads and perform extraction. Since my eyes were covered, I could not see anything. I could only sense my skin being pricked. Though very gentle, this part was a little scary for me.

Products used: Rhassoul Clay, Purifying Clay Mask, Purifying Toner

The third part of the treatment concludes with the application of the masks followed by a gentle massage between masks. This helps in stimulating the collagen and circulation, maximising the firming and lifting effect and evens the skin tone.

Products used: Anti-oxidant Booster, Collagen Mask, Sea Algae Powder

Last, but not the least, the following products are applied:

Rejuvenating Toner, Rejuvenating Serum, Rejuvenating Eye Cream, Rejuvenating Advanced Firming Complex, Soothing Lip Salve

 The moment of truth for me, was when the therapist asked me to touch my skin after the treatment. I was amazed at the difference in sensation. 

It felt soft, supple and bouncy. Like it had a spring in it. When I looked in the mirror, the stark difference blew my mind. My face had a beautiful healthy glow. It felt smooth and even. When I walked out of there, I had a newly discovered confidence in my step.

Pros: All-natural range of products

Cons: $$$$

Has to be maintained by doing the treatment regularly

Cost : 90 minutes $1950 / 60 minutes $1600

Areas covered: Face, eyes, neck, décolletagé, arms and hands

Address: Beyorg, Shop 161, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2866 8238

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Gazala is a brand strategist by profession. She keeps active with half-marathon training, yoga and the gym. She travels extensively and has explored the depths of the ocean with her Advanced SCUBA certification.