Men Spa: A New Hangout for the Macho Men?

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You see that macho man there whom you are so jealous of because of his perfect, smooth jaw line, his well-trimmed beard and those strong but perfectly groomed hands? He goes to a men spa!

Yes, surprise-surprise! A lot of macho men go to men spa for body massages, scrubs, mani-pedis, the sauna and foot massages. They may not make a big show about it; some do it because they play sports or work out and some do it because they know the ladies like their men groomed and smelling manly (no, dusty and grimy does not equal manly!).

Why Men Spas are the Place to be

For a lot of men it’s hard to visualise themselves in a white bathrobe getting a facial done with cucumbers on their eyes and a therapist gently exfoliating their face with an apricot and sea salt scrub. But once they’ve tried it, they tend to like men spa. The feeling of being pampered and having all those clogged pores opened up after months of neglect invigorates them. The steam releases all the toxins from their body and the deep tissue massage unravels the tight knots from all that heavy lifting at the gym, which, by the way, is pointless without a massage to get your muscles soothed and fit for another round of lifting.

The modern man today dresses in Zara, Diesel and Armani just as proudly – and sometimes as pretentiously – as the women. But what good is your sartorial prowess without an exquisitely turned out body that’s supple, suave, slick and shiny to complement it.

A Men Spa is for all Men

What are you worried about? Women love a man who has a great body and knows how to take care of it. And if you’re a gay man then, of course, you’re expected to have a great body and take care of it! Though women would prefer their straight men not to go into the details of their Citrus Summer Scrub and how delightful the fragrance felt tickling their nose while their toes were being rubbed.

Then there’s the whole ‘arousal’ issue some men face when getting a massage. I always think that a good massage should be a combination of pressure and pleasure. You should feel your body yielding to the hands of the therapist but it should also bring a smile of elation to your face. Of course, there are times when a man has no control over some parts of that elation. Totally normal. Therapists have massaged hundreds of people and are used to this involuntary reflex occurring. Just relax and go with the flow since the whole point is to unwind.

And if you’re worried about your male buddies seeing you there… well they’re there too, right? Getting a spa treatment is a natural extension of working out, taking a swim or getting a haircut. It makes you feel better, look better and perform better at sports and any other physical activities (wink, wink) you indulge in. So have a look at our Spa Listings and Reviews and book yourself into a piece of relaxation for your mind and body.

Check out this interesting video ‘Guys Review Their First Spa Day’ via BuzzFeed Videos:

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