Top 4 Affordable Massage Places in Siem Reap

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The culture of massages in Southeast Asia is quite well known. In Siem Reap, there are many massage studios and spas that provide awesome massages and at a very affordable  and budgeted price. Apart from the well know frangipani massage, there are a lot other interesting and special massages. Here is a special round up of budget clean spas with great service.

1. Pura Vida 

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With the convenient location and great value, Pura Vida is one of the 2014 winner of Certificate of Excellence from There are 200 visitors rating Pura Vida as excellent among all 334 reviews.

The motto of Pura Vida is to bring best of the best in all ways that touch their customers. A full range of services are provided, from foot massage, body massage to nails treatment, eyelash curling and waxing. The Asian masseuses provide various massages in a cool vibe, relaxed, cozy and tranquil environment. Rooms are clean and well equipped with fresh towels, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, music and TV.

Pura Vida Prices –

  • 7$ for 1 hour Khmer Massage/ Thai Massage
  • 6$ for 1 hour Foot Reflexology
  • 9$ for 1 hour Oil Massage
  • 20$ for 1.5 hours Swedish massage/ Shiatsu/ Herbal Aromatherapy/ Hot Stone Therapy

Booking Enquiries:

Pub Street and Sivatha Blvd | near Sivatha blvd, Night Market, Angkor mini Market, near Terrasse Des Elephants Hotel, Siem Reap 17259, Cambodia
Opening hours: From 9a.m. – 12a.m.
T: +855 060 23 77 62 | +855 067 53 05 03

2. Body Tune 

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Body Tune does not only tune your body, but also mind and spirit. They provide professional massages to restore and enhance natural beauty from the inside. Surrounded by the stylish ambience, clean and hygienic environment, unique decoration, it is highly recommended for its affordable treatments and great massages.

With branches in Thailand and Siem Reap Body Tune offers a refined and calming atmosphere. Their hand massage, reflexology, traditional ‘Wat Po’ Thai massage, Thai-Swedish traditional oil massage and aromatic oil massage consistently get good reviews.

Roughguides recommends its facials and scrubs highly.

Body Tune Prices –

  • 12$ for 1 hour Hand Massage
  • 12$ for 1 hour Reflexology
  • 14$ for 1 hour Traditional Thai Massage
  • 18$ for 1 hour Oil Massage
  • 20$ for 1 hour Aromatic Oil Massage

Booking Enquiries:

293-296 Pokambor Av. Mondul 1, Svaydangkum Commune, Siemreap District, Siemreap Province Kingdom of Cambodia
Opening hours: Daily 10a.m. – 10.30p.m. (April – September) Daily 10a.m. – 11.30p.m. (October – March)
T: +855 0 6376 4141

3. Kaya Spa & Café 

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Kaya Spa & Café is located in a newly renovated colonial house in front of the Old Market, with a walk-through area joining the Kaya Spa and Kaya Café. Kaya Spa team covers a full range of high quality traditional massages as well as special treatments. Secret recipe Candle Massage is one of the exotic Khmer massages that is on offer here.

An interview in Phnompenhpost has detail description on Candle Massage, “you burn oil at the beginning of the massage, it melts and it’s really nice because it’s hot but not too hot. It’s a bit heavier than normal oil, it smells good and when they put it on your back it’s really relaxing.” Other healing therapies include “Spirulina Clay Wraps” and a steaming treatment like sauna called “Traditional Herbal Spoong”, which takes about 15 minutes.

Take a look at this video for more indoor environment of Kaya Spa.

Kaya Spa & Café Prices –

  • 19$ for 1 hour Foot Reflexology
  • 21$ for 40 minutes Rice & Salt Scrub / Sugar Palm Scrub
  • 24$ for 40 minutes Mango Clay Wrap / Spirulina Clay Wrap
  • 24$ for 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage
  • 25$ for 1 hour Amazing Candle Massage

Booking Enquiries:

Old Market Area | Close to Senteurs d’Angkor Shop and Kaya Cafe, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Opening hours: daily from 10a.m. – 10.30p.m.
T: +855 063 966 736

4. Bodia Spa 

getspabulous - Top 3 Massage Places in Siem Reap - Bodia Spa - cheap


Higher rate than the budget spas but the ambience and service makes it excellent value. The modern Khmer architecture, 100% natural Bodia Nature products and Caudalie products from France come together to provide an absolute sensory experience.

Received the Certificate of Excellence at

Conde Nast Traveller describes Bodia Spa as one of best in Siem Reap. Tourism Cambodia comments Bodia Spa as “Long popular in Siem Reap”.

Bodia Spa Prices –

  • 24$ for 1 hour Reflexology Feet Massage
  • 30$ for 1 hour Bodia Tonic
  • 30$ for 55 minutes Fruity Vitamin Facial
  • 32$ for 1 hour Natural Jasmine Rice Scrub
  • 32$ for 1 hour Bodia Tropical Wrap

Booking Enquiries:

Old Market (Phsa Chas) above U-Care Pharmacy, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Opening hours: daily from 10a.m. – 11p.m.
T: +855(0) 63 761 593

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* Prices mentioned above for all treatments are indicative. Please check with the studio for the final price.


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