{Fabulous Feature} Holistic Massage at the Sanctuary

Massage at Sanctuary hong kong


The Sanctuary is Hong Kong’s leading wellness centre, located in the bustling heart of the Central district. It offers a wide range of holistic therapies with a modern age twist.

Facilities & Services

The Sanctuary lives up to its name, for this large and spacious haven offers an oasis of healing for the mind, body and soul, making it a true place to find tranquillity.  A full range of body, facial, beauty and relaxation treatments and special treatments for mothers-to-be are offered.

Located on the 29th floor of the Universal Trade Centre, the centre offers finest panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, which are enough to strike an awe-inspired gasp, even before your treatment has started.

The large scenic windows here create an airy and open atmosphere, and are complimented with their monochrome furnishings, which are both breathtakingly fashionable yet strikingly, humble. This calming and open ambience make you feel instantly welcome and at peace from the first moment you enter.

Aromatherapy Massage at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has a great reputation for their aromatherapy massages. Aromatherapy massages are not only beneficial for muscle tension and physical pains, but they have also been known to help with insomnia and other aspects of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Sanctuary understands that each person that walks through their door has a different story, and so a brief consultation is given so therapists can accurately select the oils that would be most beneficial to each client.

This massage is guaranteed to make even the most stressed out, and tense people relax, and feel the benefits of Mother Nature’s healing gifts. The essential oils are diluted and applied to skin via a tender and soothing massage. Whilst the therapist carefully applies pressure to the skin, the innate healing powers of these natural essences are effective on the body as a whole.

Through absorption and influence of aromas they facilitate self-healing, re-establish balance and harmony throughout your body for an all-encompassing sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Individual sessions are offered by  Jenny Osling.

Indicative pricing –

60 minutes (HK$900); package of 5 sessions (HK$4,250); package of 10 sessions (HK$8,000)
90 minutes (HK$1,200); package of 5 sessions (HK$5,500); package of 10 sessions (HK$10,000)

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