Kaya Kalp Spa at ITC Maratha – Review

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Ensconced within the ITC Maratha Hotel, Mumbai sits a haven of wondrous rejuvenation. ‘Kaya Kalp’ is Sanskrit and means ‘rejuvenation of mind, body and soul’. The theme of this 10,000 square foot spa is derived from the Punica granatum, the botanical name of the pomegranate fruit. Originating in Persia, it is one of the oldest and richest in antioxidants and is known as a symbol of health and fertility.

Kaya Kalp Spa has taken inspiration from this grand bounty of nature by using the form of the fruit, its deep red colour and the fruit itself at the spa. And so it was only natural that I should have the relaxing Kaya Kalp Signature massage with pomegranate oil that is their popular treatment especially for guests on the go.


The entire spa is in a rich white marble with ornate carvings on the milky walls and designs with the shape of the pomegranate in ruby red on the floors and backdrops.

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Entrance

Some of their 7 rooms even have 3D cut outs of silver pomegranates protruding from the wall playfully.

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Guest Foyer Area

Mesh curtains separate the changing areas that are present in each of the rooms that also come appointed with a WC and shower area.

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Review

The Couples’ Suites are huge with twin beds, twin basins, a love seat for your foot rinse, a changing room and a contour bathtub that they can fill up with milk and rose petals Cleopatra style, for an extra charge of course. Perfect for after a massage and some sensuous alone time.


The friendly staff will make you sign the standard form before a treatment and then usher you into one of the rooms where you can change in the comfort of your own suite.

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Guest Area

What I loved about the Kaya Kalp Spa was that the temperature of the room was perfect, the lighting just right and the music in harmony with the ambience.

The spa bed – electrically height adjustable so the therapist doesn’t have to worry – was ever so comfortable. And as soon as the pomegranate oil was in the bowl for my massage, a sweet aroma wafted up to my nose and put a smile on my face.

Pepe, my therapist, asked me if I was comfortable, if the pressure was just right and if the temperature of the room was to my liking. She was equipped with the knowledge that the pomegranate oil was locally sourced and had benefits for the skin like anti-ageing.

This massage is based on a Swedish technique and is akin to sitting in a hot tub and having jets of bubbles gently rub your tight muscles in circular motions bringing on a feeling of elation. A face and head massage round up the 60-minute therapy at the end of which a bell is sounded to let you know gently that the massage is over. And then a shower is run for you so that it’s ready when you step in.

After you’re refreshed and re-attired you can sit in the lush relaxation area with a view of the pool outside – I was told it’s quite pretty during the monsoons – and sip on green tea and reply to your text messages or read a magazine.

getspabulous Kaya Kalp Spa Ayurveda Treatment Suite


If it weren’t so far from where I live I would certainly want to treat myself to another one of these since it relaxed me so much I didn’t hyperventilate when I drove in Mumbai’s combative traffic that very afternoon. Certainly the acid test. The Kaya Kalp Spa Signature treatment costs Rs 3750 plus taxes but you can also go for a Thai massage, an Ayurvedic one or a beauty treatment at the adjoining salon or just relax in the hot tub.

If you’d like to check out the complete spa menu, click here.

Kaya Kalp Spa @ ITC Maratha 
ITC Maratha, Mumbai
Sahar Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 099
Maharashtra, India
P:  (91) (22) 28303030
F: (91) (22) 28303131
W: www.itchotels.in/hotels/itcmaratha/kayakalp


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