Review : Sundari Facial & Marma Hair Spa at Iyara’s Day Spa


Travelling up and down the Mid Levels escalators, you would have certainly noticed the glass windows of Iyara Day Spa, through which you see the customers looking every bit blissed out getting their mani-pedis done and casually flipping the pages of the latest glossies. I decided to make the long overdue trip by popping over to their first 100% organic and chemical-free branch which opened on Hollywood Road more than a year ago. I tried their intense hair nourishing and facial treatments.

Iyara Natural and Organic Spa – The place

Calm, fragrant and super clean, Iyara feels like an urban retreat, bereft of any sound, pollution or chaos of fast paced Hong Kong. The spa offers all basic services for nails, body, face and hair using 100% organic and natural products. I noticed at the billing counter that most of the guests were members which benefited them with discounts of over 25% on the treatment prices – a smart way to receive organic treatments at more affordable prices.

After filling out a detailed evaluation form, I was recommended by the therapist to go for Marma Herbal Nourishing Scalp Mask for my oily and chemically treated hair and a Sundari Signature facial for my face.

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Scalp detox with nourishing avocado and honey scalp mask

The therapist applied Siam botanicals coconut and curry leaf oil and Marma Samunprai Organic Oil in my hair which had a refreshing and cooling sensation. This was followed by a very relaxing head massage. After this, raw honey (for its hydrating and healing properties) and apricot oil (for its nourishing and restorative properties) were massaged gently into my hair. A rich freshly crushed avocado mixture mask was then applied through the length of my hair. This delicious concoction oozing with goodness was then left wrapped up in my hair to do its restorative magic as I was escorted to the facial room. You are required to let it stay for a minimum half hour and during this time, a complimentary shoulder and neck massage can be enjoyed.


Sundari SIgnature Facial

It was the time for the Sundari Signature facial. Sundari is an organic US brand of skincare  based on Ayurveda using therapeutic grade essential oils. I tried this brand for the first time and the product range felt and smell exquisite. I definitely intend to explore using this brand more.

Based on my skin analysis and ‘doshas’ assessment, the therapist custom blended select ingredients for my skin. She gently and meticulously cleaned my skin and followed this with an intensive exfoliation getting the skin ready for nutrient infusion. The masque applied felt soothing and nourishing to the skin. The facial massage based on pressure point and lymphatic stimulation across my face and around my scalp completed the experience. My skin felt clearer and fresh and the post facial glow lasted for weeks.

It was now time to wash off the hair mask. The therapist gently washed my hair in room temperature water with organic shampoo and conditioner and blow dried them in medium heat to their healthiest and loved self. Achieving this beautiful glow and lightness of being in a 100% natural and organic way is a definite sweetener!


Nourishing Scalp Mask in Mara Hair Retreat & detox costs $900 for medium hair(30 minutes + 60 minutes mask penetration). Sundari Signature Facial (60 mins) costs $ 980.

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Iyara Natural and Organic Spa

2/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central

T:  (852) 25238700 / 25233896
E: [email protected]


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