Halong Bay Vietnam – A serene healing experience

Ha Long Bay Vietnam


Halong Bay Vietnam is one of the most beautiful sceneries one could set ones eyes on. If you are in search for some  peace and tranquility for your next holiday, a cruise along the Halong Bay comes highly recommended.


Located in the northeast of Vietnam, Halong Bay covers a total area of 1,553 square km, including the 1,969 islands. Halong’s islands are concentrated in 2 main areas – in the northeast (Bai Tu Long Bay) and the southwest (Halong Bay center).

Halong Bay was formed by millions of years of geological changes, which created thousands of islands. Hidden inside these are beautiful caverns such as Sung Sot, Thien Cung and Thien Canh Son Caves (where the 2D/1N IndoChina junk cruise takes you). It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site for its biodiversity, geology and nature. The area has 14 kinds of endemic floral species and 60 endemic faunal species.

We took the 2D/1N Junk tour on Dragon Pearl’s Junk which starts from the Hon Gai International harbor and takes you in the north east region of Halong Bay, BaiTu Long Bay. One of the best parts of this cruise is that this is restricted area and one gets to experience the nature at its best without many junks around you.

View from the waiting area at Indochina Halong Bay Junk Tour

View from the waiting area at Indochina Halong Bay Junk Tour

Dragons Pearl Junk at Indo China Junk Tour Halong BayOur Junk – Dragons Pearl Junk at Indo China Junk Tour Halong Bay

Upper deck of Indo China Dragon Pearl's Junk

Sun deck area of Indo China Dragon Pearl’s Junk

View from the Halong Bay Junk CruiseView as you sail along the Halong Bay Junk Cruise

View from the Halong Bay Junk Cruise

After a super healthy and delicious sea food lunch, the next stop is Thien Canh Son Caves. The numerous sparkling stalactites appear like hanging lamps. The place has an unreal and dreamlike feel to it as you spot various shapes from elephant to flowers in these slippery, shiny stalactites.

Thien Cung Cave VietnamThien Canh Son Caves in Halong Bay Vietnam

The Hidden Thien Canh Son Cave

Halong Bay Vietnam offers a lot of activities including snorkelling, kayaking and even helicopter tours. The next stop on the cruise is the white sandy beach at Hon Co island where one can kayak or swim or just enjoy the beach and soak in the nature and serenity.

Relaxing on a white sandy beach at Hon CoIsland, swimming or kayaking.

Relaxing on a white sandy beach at Hon CoIsland, swimming or kayaking.

Sunset in Halong BayWatching other junks go by at the sunset time 

Sunset at Halong Bay

Ha long Bay Vietnam


On the second day of the cruise, they take you to the visit the Vung Vieng fishing village by a rustic row-boat. You spend time chit chatting with the local fishermen, soaking in the idyllic  life and learining a thing or two at the fish farms.Vung Vieng fishing village

Colorful boats in Vung Vieng fishing village

Boat to Vung Vieng fishing village 

boat ride in Vung ViengOn a boat ride in Vung Vieng, which is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay in Halong Bay Vietnam 

Boat ride in Vung Vieng Fishing Village

After your return to the junk,the boat starts cruising towards the harbour while another delicious sea food ala carte lunch is served. You disembark from the junk around noon and drive to Yen Duc village in Dong Trieu province where you watch the beautiful water puppet show performed by local artists. As you move along to the next destination in your journey,the afterglow of the calming experience at Halong Bay stays with you.


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