Spa day in CBE Concept Spa Lausanne Palace [Review]

Saunna at CBE Concept Spa Lausanne


We arrived in Lausanne after a fourteen hours travel from Hong Kong on a Thursday morning. Sleep deprived, dehydrated and jet lagged, my first instinct was to hit the bed after checking into the hotel room, after a night in the cattle class of an overnight flight.

I am glad I didn’t act on the first instinct and headed instead to the CBE Concept Spa in Lausanne Palace and Spa, where I was booked for a Yogic lunch and an Abhyanga massage treatment.

CBE Concept Spa Ambience and Facilities

Located about ten minutes walk through the cobbled street path from the main train station, Lausanne Palace hotel was quite a pleasant walk from the train station.


Entrance of Lausanne Palace

I headed to the CBE Concept spa housed in the hotel and was greeted by the smiling front desk manager. We indulged in a short tete-e- tete about long flights and the perfect antidotes of  aqua therapy and deep massages to ease out the cramped muscles and dry skin.

The manager escorted me to the Ladies changing room. It felt very comforting to change into the fluffy bathrobes and homey rubber chappals.

I had a few hours to enjoy the spa facilities before my scheduled treatment at 3.00 pm. I walked into the relaxation lounge and poured myself some hot herbal tea. Then I made my way to the indoor pool in the spa. A marvellously lit ceiling gave a glamorous yet soft vibe to the pool ambience. Water was set at a comfortable temperature. I did a few laps to exercise those tight muscles and sipped my herbal tea relaxing on the lounger.


Definitely the most beautiful indoor spa pool I have been to

Already feeling much lighter, I headed to the vitality pool section.


Full of healing minerals, there are 2 types of showers in the vitality pool. The first shower was a gentle one but the second shower was a waterfall with such high pressure, it got you slam into the visceral reality, awakening all your senses at once. Refreshed and rejuvenated by the aqua therapy, it was time for some lunch to feed my body with some nourishing food.

Yogi Booster Bar ‘You are what you eat’

I headed to the Yogi Booster, the vegetarian restaurant housed in the CBE Concept spa with the nutrition philosophy of “You are what you eat”. The chef, Audrey, fixed me the most delicious smoothie, made with avocado, fresh turmeric and lemon.


I was then served the food platter comprising seasame Tofu, pumkin and zucchini, fresh salad and lentils. The food felt sumptuous and yet light.


All Local and Frest ingredients in the Yogic Platter


Delish smoothie made with avocado, fresh turmeric and lemon

I strolled my way to the ‘Quiet room’ to squeeze in a post lunch snooze as I still had about half an hour to go before my massage. The Quiet room is just beds with duvets and curtains for privacy, with dreamy sleep inducing lighting.

Sleeping Room Spa

After a nap in the quiet room, I reached the lobby at my massage time at 3.00 and my therapist, Omana, was waiting for me to take me to the Ayurveda room for the 50 minutes Abhyanga massage session.

Authentic Abhyanga Massage in Lausanne

Omana, from Kerala, has been with CBE concept spa for about years now. There was an adeptness in his massage strokes and he went about the Abhyanga with a consistent and firm pressure. Like a magician, he sensed all the tension areas and unknotted those tight muscles, one after another. I don’t remember when was the last time that I had felt so relaxed and light.  I asked him for a head massage as my scalp wanted some oil massage too.

I rested on the massage bed for a while before heading back to the changing room. I took a light shower without using any soap. As I walked back to the lobby, a hot herbal drink awaited me, just what I needed to round up this wellness day at CBE concept spa.

The holistic focus on authentic masasge, aqua-therapy, deep rest and healing food makes CBE concept spa a wellness retreat and not just a day spa

Most luxury hotels have an in-house spa but CBE concept spa is designed with such deep understanding of holistic wellness that the spa day here feels like a trip to a wellness retreat.

The yogic good at the ‘Yogi Booster bar’, the vitality pools that make you feel alive, the ‘quiet room’ that lets you go into deep sleep mode in a short time and  the authentic Ayurveda massage itself,  CBE spa relaxed and rejuvenated me in half a day as a visit to a wellness retreat would over a couple of days.  I can’t wait for travel winds to flow towards Lausanne once again and to spend another day in deep relaxation and rejuvenation.



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Preeti considers wellness to be a very important component of success and likes to make time for relaxing breaks, self care and spa travel.