Hong Kong Massage : Ultimate Spa Guide



Hong Kong is a vibrant city that never sleeps. There is loads of exciting shopping, traditional dimsums to eat, temple visits as well as chilling in a coffee shop and enjoying the stunning night view.  When it comes to best in spas and wellness, Hong Kong has the best of both worlds. This former British colony near the Chinese border, is a perfect melting point for Chinese and western wellness worlds.

Spas in Hong Kong across the axis of luxury and value—starting from HK$ 205 a Chinese Acupressure Massage of 60 minutes to a high end exclusive experience in some of the world’s most luxurious hotel spas, sipping on champagne and overlooking the incredible Victoria Harbour view in one of the best rooftop swimming pool in the city. You could spend the whole day in the high privacy and spacious spa suites enjoying the luxurious services by dedicated staff and personal therapies, treating yourself like a royal.

Whether you are catching a flight from the Hong Kong airport, or just landed in this beautiful city, wellness spa and massages would always be a good choice to relax and regain balance after jet lagged. There are actually quite a lot choices for travelers.


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It is a city the world comes to to experience all things luxurious—may it be shopping, dining or spas. Here we round up the New Luxurious Spa Treatment launches in the Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental and Landmark Oriental hotels in Hong Kong. On the other side, as going to spas and taking care of oneself is very much a part of Hongkongese life, that means there are also mid segment and affordable spas to go to, and not just the hotel spas.

If you are looking for affordable massage in Hong Kong, Top 5 under 300 Dollars Cheap Best Massages in Hong Kong may be your useful guide.


Hong Kong has the best of spa professionals from the world and specialists in acupuncture as well as acupressure. You can have numerous types of massages and spas here, such as Chinese, Thai and European style. Traditional Chinese acupuncture is definitely the one you should not be missed here. We have some little tips for you if you decide to have a go. Visit our guide to Acupuncture in Hong Kong. Don’t be too surprised if you see Hong Kong artists and celebrities there, they are also customers of those specialists!

This is a city that works hard and plays hard. That’s why in constant need of intense relaxing activities—late opening massage places or even 24 hour places. Don’t know where to search and how to get there?

For late night massage in Hong Kong, take a look at Top 5 Spas To Go To After Midnight In Hong Kong


If residents are tired of vacations that requires planning and catching flights, how about considering to have a spa-cation or staycation in Hong Kong? There are many spa plus stay package that offers around the island. Some of them even providing children facilities for family visit. Enjoy vacations without breaking your bank is not difficult.

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Finally, here is an exhaustive list of top spas in Hong Kong across price range and indulgence meter. We do hope that you enjoy it!

Hotel Spas/ Luxury Spas in Hong Kong

Mid Segment/ Day Spas in Hong Kong