Benefits of Aromatherapy in Our Daily Lives – An Interview with Irene Li



We met Irene Li, a trained Aromatherapist / Massage Therapist practicing at Balance Health and Vitality Wellness Centres in Hong Kong. We chatted with her about benefits of aromatherapy and applying it in our daily lives.

Irene Li Aromatherapist

Please tell us how your personal journey into aromatherapy began?

My early professional background is business studies and I used to be a conference director in my past life! In my early 20s, I did a lot of chinese community work and youth work in London.

The journey into aromatherapy began somewhat inadvertently when my husband had a skiing accident while we were holidaying in London. We were compelled to stay in London for 9 to10 months to complete his recovery and that is when I decided to study aromatherapy as a complimentary therapy to heal and hasten my husband’s recovery. I went on to get certified in Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy.

Explain Aromatherapy in simple terms.

Aromatherapy uses therapeutic Essential Oils to improve health equilibrium and emotional well-being.

Essentials oils are truly holistic as they have a powerful and positive effect on mind, body, and spirit. They are extracted from plants-trees, bushes, flowers, fruit, seeds, barks, stems, and roots etc.

During distillation, the extracted plant material is placed upon a grid inside the still. Once inside, the condenser cools the rising vapor back into liquid form. The liquid is then collected in a container, since water and essential oils do not mix, the essential will be found on the surface of the water.

Why is the precise benefit of Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be used to improve health and prevent diseases, the magic of the oils is that they can affect the person on a whole: not just their physical symptoms bit also their attitude and mood and that has a very positive physiological and psychological effect on healing and well being.


Table of Aromatherapy Oils Use

If one were to put together a starter kit for essential oils, which ones should one go for?

young living essential oils

Young Living has a Premium Starter Kit, which consists of 10 essential oils, which is a great way to start, as these are everyday oils and can help address a range of everyday issues.

The Kit comprises of –

Essential Oil Effects
Peppermint Helps with upset stomach
Lemon Cleanses the skin
Lavender Calming & relaxing
Frankincense Increases the spiritual awareness
Thieves Supports immunity
Purification (Blend) Cleanses & disinfects the air
Panaway (Blend) Supports healthy joints
Peace & Calming (Blend) Gently soothe away tension
Joy (Blend) Helps overcome grief and the blues
Valor (Blend) Balance energies and instill courage

What is the best type of fragrance for minimising stress level & enhancing sleep quality?

Young Living has a special blend called “Stress Away” which brings a feeling of peace and tranquility to both children and adults and helps to relive daily stress and nervous tension.

The blend “Stress Away” is a mix of following essential oils:

• Lime: Well known for its ability to cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and is said to be effective in cleansing the aura.
• Cedarwood: Improves thought and memory. Very grounding.
• Ocotea: Induces feeling of completeness
• Lavender: Balances emotion, relaxes breathing

For enhancing sleep quality, Lavendar is great. A few drops under a thin pillow or a few drops can be rubbed on the feet and let the fragrance travel through.

Where would you recommend purchasing aromatherapy oils? Online? Retail Stores?

To purchase therapeutic grade essential oils (chemical and pesticide free), I highly recommend Young Living.

You can check their products, register online then pick up at their office.
ID no 2067658

1702, 17th fl, East Exchange Tower,
38 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay.

The premium starter kit is a good value package to start your aromatherapy journey as it contains a diffuser, 10 everyday essential oils and an introductory kit with the Stress Away Oil & 2 Ningxia red super juice.

Irene is happy to offer a complimentary aromatherapy introduction session for the Spabulous Readers. Please email her at [email protected] with the code “Spabulous” in the subject or contact her at Balance Health or Vitality Centre.


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