Acupuncture at Balance Health with Dr. Grace Yu

Acupuncture at Balance Health


About Balance Health

Balance Health is a natural health clinic, located on the Arbuthnot Road in the heart of Central. Integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine, Balance Health takes a holistic view of health – integrating lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. They offer various alternative therapies to provide the body with the opportunity to heal naturally, making it stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease.

I decided to initiate myself into the world of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with a session of Acupuncture at Balance Health. Acupuncture is used as a part of TCM for many years, and is especially known to be rebalance the flow of the body’s energy and to relief pain or prevent diseases.

Pre-Treatment Consultation with Dr. Grace Yu

As I entered the clinic, Helena, at the front office asked me to fill out a form outlining my medical history.

She then introduced me to Dr. Grace Yu, who would perform the acupuncture treatment for me. Dr Grace is a registered TCM practitioner specialising in gynecological diseases, women’s health such as menopause symptoms, infertility, hormonal imbalance, weight-loss issues, paediatrics, insomnia and fatigue syndromes.

The pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Grace provided me useful insights about my body. After a pulse diagnosis, she told me that my body type, according to TCM, is Gan qi yu zhi” Liver Qi Stagnation. This body type is characterised by a weak spleen and a weak digestive system. TCM attaches a lot of importance to the spleen. The spleen paired with the stomach is the integral part of digestion function in our body. A disharmony in spleen leads to low nutrient absorption, poor muscle strength, feeling cold easily, among the other effects.

A useful tip to manage a weak spleen was to try to stay away from cold and fried food as they make it even harder for the spleen to function. Dr. Grace suggested that I drink rose tea and “Xia Ku Cao” tea (Prunella or Selfheal Spike tea) to clear the liver and treat sore eyes . She also advised me to wake up to a glass of hot water and lemon for general good health.

Acupuncture session at Balance Health

Acupuncture at Balance Health

There wasn’t a need to change clothes as I had gone wearing loose cotton pajamas and t-shirt. Placing two small towels on my body, Dr. Grace cleaned the bare parts of my skin with an alcohol pad. Then, starting with my foot, she started to insert tiny acupuncture needs into my feet, legs, belly and shoulders. I soon realised that I didn’t have much reason to be nervous as the puncturing was not painful even the tiniest bit.

She placed a small infrared heat lamp near my stomach and left me alone to relax for about twenty five minutes. She massaged a special Taiwanese aromatic body oil on my forehead and nose that got me drifting off to sleep with a dozen needles poked inside my body!

Dr. Grace then gently removed the needles and helped me sit up. She rubbed the back of my neck with an alcohol pad and inserted six to eight pins in the back of my neck. I have to admit that it was not so easy to relax this time as my neck felt quite sore. The soreness left me soon after the needles were removed though and a feeling of greater balance and lightness in the body took over.

Overall experience 

The session worked as a great introduction into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also left me with useful and actionable insights about my body type that I have already started acting upon. For the treatment, I feel that like most alternate therapies, you have to be willing to adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition, exercise, sleep and thoughts. Signing up for a package of 3-5 sessions of acupuncture or other wellness treatments that a health consultant can advise you will help you achieve real and lasting improvements in your mental, emotional and physical state of being.

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